Tuesday, 12 April 2011

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Mera Parivar Computer Training

As the global economy becomes increasingly dependent on technology,
projects like Mera parivar Computer Training become even more
essential. People isolated without technological resources town
become progressively disadvantaged and less prepared to participate in
high-tech economies.
Mera Parivar allows children drop out youth to learn the basics of computer literacy
and youth on how to use Microsoft Word, Excel and Power point. days when they are learning/teaching about computers exploring more opportunity in their professional  carrier  

Mid Day meal to Children 

Children in the slum look weak and haggard. They do not get proper  
diet, mostly survive on some left over meal of previous night, they only
get something to eat, once their parent return home in the evening
whole day they move aimlessly, uncared and unattended. A good
wholesome food is a dream for the children in the slum. Since they do
not get nutritious food, they become susceptible to various diseases. It
has been a concern for Mera Parivar to supplement these children with
some nutritious food. In order to address this concern a mid day meal
programme was launched every day 155 children given nutrition
supplement. During winter Milk, bread, butter and eggs in summer
Milk, bread, butter and fruit. This programme has helped the children
to regain their lost health.

Your partnership make difference in lives of Children.

Rev Anil Landge

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Send Children to school

Mera Parivar reaches more than 150 Children this 2011 April till date hoping to increase in number  in days to come through its education centre in Gurgaon city. This centre reach out to children of migrant laborers living in slum who are dropouts or never enrolled in schools.

Children send to various educational institutes  

98 Children
Mera Parivar Education centre
38 Children
Blue Bird public School
12 Children
Happy Model Senior School
Green Del Public School

Each child has provided uniform and books. They  are taught basic literacy and numeric skills along with ample opportunities for showing talents through dance, music and craft lesion games brings out their competitive spirit

Mera Parivar carries out this through your generosity of donation and partnership

India Bank: Axis Bank
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 910010007505280

Rev Anil Landge
Executive Director

Mera Parivar; Institute on Community Transformation  
Mera Parivar, Registered under trust act as   Non-Profit, Charitable Organisation with its office at Gurgaon, Haryana. it was registered in Delhi .it is accorded with Income Tax Exemption under section 12A of Income Tax Act 1961. Income Tax Exemption under section 80G of Income Tax Act Income Tax -Permanent Account Number


Sunday, 3 April 2011

an opportunity to join us

Mera Parivar blog text

Dedicated to enriching the lives of underprivileged children Mera Parivar envisions a future where children can fulfill their dream of life.
Mera Parivar child sponsor programme have change the lives of thousand children in Haryana  and has brought hope to many who need support and motivation so that they too can achieved what every one hope for better life.
Sponsor a child today & make a world of difference.

When you sponsor a Child
  • Picture and story of child
  • Your sponsor child progress report
  • Quarterly news letter what difference you are making in community
  • Meaningful relationship with a child you sponsor, chance to write a letter and children can reply your  
Mera Parivar