Saturday, 7 April 2018

Help us to send 600 new students to Education

Mera Parivar  Responses to  Educating Children this session Mera Parivar  wants to send 600 students to School join us:

From urban areas cover by migrated community there is government school available many children are unable to go to school across the millennium city world today simply because there is no awareness about education for them to go to school  some time quality education is missing.

For children who are in school, many schools are not good enough quality with 50-60  students per classroom, a lack of toilets, sanitary facilities, capable teachers or adequate learning materials.
Parental and community attitudes can often also hold back children's education, especially for girls from late primary-school age and upwards, stopping them from going to school or making them earn a living for the family instead of getting an education.

What We Are Doing

We work with communities to build  bridge informal education, train teachers, promote the importance of education and ensure that all solutions are sustainable long-term.
Schools in urban communities is at the heart of our education work. We began in 2006 with 45 students. Since then, we have broadened our work to include many branches  and setting up free tuition centre today we nurture about 730 students at five location.
Students also work to improve the quality of teaching. We have high-quality education delivery  to reduce drop out from schools
Achievement from student  From 730 students 125 student score more then A+ grade (70%) not a single students drop out from education and many more specialised interventions on topics such as “poverty mapping” , disaster risk resilience and   education in emergencies.
Where attitudes prove an obstacle to education, Student staff advocate at community and household levels to promote the rights of all children to education - and the importance of on-going parental and caregiver support to a child's academic progress. Student also trains and supports communities in managing and holding to account their follow student studies.

Help us send children to school per child per months Rs 800/
 over seas donation :
 AXIS BANK Bank Address- SCO 29 Sector 14 Near HUDA Office Old Delhi – Gurgaon Road 122001 Gurgaon HR
 Account No- 912010044237762
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  Indian donation: 
 AXIS BANK Bank Address- SCO 29 Sector 14 Near HUDA Office Old Delhi – Gurgaon Road 122001 Gurgaon HR 
Account No- 910010007505280
 IFSC Code- UTIB0000056
 Account type- Savings