Monday, 29 August 2011

Goverment and Local NGO cooperation for civil society particpation

Mera  Parivar join hand with Haryana government to have ID card campaign  begin from 20 August  2011. Mera Parivar will provide one volunteers for this camping who would be going around  community with Government  representative in  door to door campaign  to make aware people to have Photo ID card.
Mera Parivar  is networking with all GO representative in this area  like meeting local councilor of ward and pradan of area  and working as bridge among people/ community aware about various Government scheme to  benefit  them (ration shops, hospital, and school), the beneficiary has to prove his/her economical status. For that, ration card, which define the poverty level depending on the color, is needed and, for this latter, ID proof is a requisite.
Mera Parivar face challenges
·         This town is flooded with skills and non kill people,
·         Many corporate house have change their business office address from Delhi to Gurgaon,
·         Migrant labour are big havoc as they live in very bad condition five to six person lives in one room and more than 10 tents lives in one apartment which make land lord difficult to give them legal rent agreement
·         Police verification are done with the help of local police,
·         Another problem is that many of these people hold identity of their villages/home town and do not want to bring NOC letter from their respective area Election Officer, food Department etc.
Now emphasis on those people who are migrant and have all necessary paper can avail this opportunity for children turn 18 years as well as newly married couple change their address can have ID card.    
Gaurav Kashyap is coordinating this project on behalf of Mera Parivar to the government of Haryana .

Rev Anil Landge
Executive Director
Mera Parivar

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Wealth from Waste- Hand made paper

Mera Parivar started initiative to work on hand-made paper unit was built on the back of a simple premise – Wealth from Waste. We decided to recycle waste paper, cut boards and other stationery waste from all our estate offices. We ventured further and decided the paper we create will only use natural additives found around Rajeev Nagar Gurgaon Haryana  and pasted paper is also done in hand-made paper.
Hand made paper in process

Living up to our motto of “Transforming the lives of people” these enthusiastic of women specially Elbow from Spain volunteer along with Indian women Asha  have proved that with hard work anything is possible Eco -free, biodegradable innovative products being routinely produced from basic hand-made paper. The unit hopes to experiment and introduce new methods and products to expand the marketing possibilities. The enthusiasm and interest that these self reliance women project demonstrate makes one feel “enthusiasm is a sign of spiritual health and imperfections are what make you beautiful”.

Rev Anil Landge
Executive Director
Mera Parivar

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Transforming liveas of drop out children

Computer Class

Mera Parivar  computer  training  have fun with teaching, learning and computers. Avoid monotonous courses that are boring, and instill our  students the truth about the information revolution, that the dust never settles. Encourage them to enthusiastically pursue computers and related technology, and make sure they understand that new technologies will continue to proliferate. Mera  Parivar  help Narendra who was drop out from high school after motivation went to open school for further education as well as computer course now employed with good company. There were three more student got job after complete course Mera Praivar celebrates joy with their parent and community we serve.
Anil Landge
Ececutive Director
Mera Parivar