Monday, 10 March 2014

Equal Rights, Equal Opportunity

On women’s day with the theme “ Equal Rights, Equal Opportunity : Progress for All “ the staffs and women associated with Mera Parivar come together to celebrate their journey for empowerment and dignity . A total of about 500 women came together. These women were mothers, sisters, mom in laws, daughters. They were mostly home makers or employed as domestic workers, maids, as daily laborers and vendors. Most of these women were from others states of India, who had migrated with their husbands in search of jobs. These are women who do not have the opportunity to come out and interact in such kind of activities or programs. It was a day of listening about women’s rights, equality and raising voices and sharing of concerns and struggles.
The day was celebrated with dances, poems, acknowledging each others’ contributions, and one-act play on the true life story of “sunita” who was earlier working in Mera Parivar.  
Sunita wedding picture 12 Feb 2011

On women days’ a community radio , Gurgaon Ki Awaaz, Station Director Arti Jaiman and Programme presenter Sharmila helped the women in understanding the use of communication technology such as Radio to magnify their voice in their struggle for equality.  The community radio in Gurgaon provides for discussion of issues, ranging from violence to health to empowerment of the marginalized women across Gurgaon . The direct interaction with the community radio station presenters help the Rajiv Nagar women to feel empowered to speak out their issues. The radio , as one useful tool to make people listen and hear the voices. It has also made a tremendous impact as one of the most popular radio in India. 
Sunita 8th March 2014

Mera Parivar presented a touching story of one of their staff members Sunita, who got married in 2013 had a severe health related problems after she gave birth to a baby boy. As her condition grew worst , which was due to the negligence of the hospitals,  Sunita’s in – laws sent her back to her paternal home. Since then her in laws never took care of her, nor her husband did not help nor check on her condition.  
Mera Parivar once again took Sunita into their care. With the facilitations and dedication to fight for justice for Sunita, Mera Parivar empowered her to take the matter to the court of Mahila Mandal ( Traditional women’s Court) and the case is in progress. Mera Parivar, believes and is committed to bring new life and a new beginning for Sunita.
The story of Sunita is an encouragement and empowerment for all women , Reena Landge , Director in Charge of Education today stated that the solidarity of women and collective work of women will bring change.
Today on women’s day Mera Parivar and all women who are part of the struggle for justice and equality re affirm the commitment and dedication to strive to support each other and stand in solidarity to fight for equal opportunity for women in socio – economic and political process of the country.   

Reena Landge 
Director programme 

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Women International Day :Equal Rights: Equal Opportunity: Progress for all

Theme - Equal Rights: Equal Opportunity: Progress for all

"Countries with more gender equality have better economic growth. Companies with more women leaders perform better. Peace agreements that include women are more durable. Parliaments with more women enact more legislation on key social issues such as health, education, anti-discrimination and child support. The evidence is clear: equality for women means progress for all." UN Secretary General – Ban Ki Moon 
Lun, Eram & Jamila
Every year, 8 March, is celebrated as a “women’s day” across the globe ever since the declaration of International Women’s Year 1975 by the United Nations. Women’s Day is a day of celebration of achievements, courage of ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their countries.
On women’s day Mera Parivar family, staffs and three hundreds of women in Rajiv Nagar , Gurgaon , commemorate this day to assert our rights and once again pledge to take forward our work towards women empowerment, for equal opportunity for women in socio-economic and political development process of the country. 

About 300 women participated from Rajeev Nagar

For the past ten years Mera Parivar has been building awareness and advocating on the right to equal access to development among migrant women population in Rajiv Nagar, Gurgaon (Haryana) The organization visits women at their homes and make them aware of their right to access facilities under various Government schemes and accompany them to avail benefits. Mera Parivar have also successfully advocated for Ladli schemes , where over 100 have applied and about 10 families have availed the schemes. Under Mera Parivar facilitation more than 20 women have opened bank accounts in their own name.  
Women associated with Mera Mera lives in the city, who accompany their husbands from their villages for a better livelihood.    Most of these are housewives who look after their children. Many of them works as domestic helper or accompany their husbands to their work, while also many of them work as daily laborer along with their husbands in constructions of house buildings and factories or dry cleaners, vendors etc.
Taking on the call of International women’s day 2014 Theme “Equality for women is progress for all”  Mera Parivar calls for gender equality, empowerment of women, women’s full enjoyment of human rights and the eradication of poverty which is essential to economic and social development. Mera Parivar also assert the vital role of women as agents of development.
Today we , we urged all citizens and people of Gurgaon to ensure women’s rights and  dignity for progress of the society and the country. Get involved to educate the girl child, to stop violence against women in workplace and homes, equal wages, and equal opportunity to participate in development process of the state and the country. 

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