Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Mosquito Net is better than medicin

Mera Parivar wanted to distribute  mosquito net for children to prevent them from malaria and dengu fever.

Last year we have four death in community. This year we want to take extra precaution to give  back health to community.
Join us for giving one mosquito net to each family cost @150INRX120 Children.= total cost 18000($340)

Prevention is better than cure malaria 

Join us to save community.

Mera Parivar

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Volunteers with Mera Parivar NGO

Volunteers with - Mera Parivar NGO

Mera Parivar  Welcome people from all walks of life. All you need is a passion to teach Ability to motivate students to ask questions, interact, get engaged The desire to listen rather than talk!

Volunteering with youth.    
You make read and write

Teaching communication skills       
Conducting mock interviews
Helping them master grammatical structures
Helping with reading practice
Helping them with computer skills.

Areas where you could volunteer;      
Teaching good habit
Volunteering with Children

Tutoring children
Teaching children to read      
Helping out in our reading club
Teaching maths, science or English
Using drama as a language tool
Teaching a skill such as art, craft, yoga or sports.

Volunteering as an Administrator

Helping Web site updating 
Helping with accounts.
Helping with organising and managing workshops on a short-term basis.

Mera Parivar