Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Mera Parivar Creche for working women children

Mera Parivar increased opportunities for employment for women and the need to
supplement household income more and more women are entering the job
market. With the breaking up of joint family system and the increased
phenomenon of nuclear families, working women need support in terms of
quality, substitute, care for their young children while they are at work.

There has, however, been very slow growth of Crèche/ Daycare facilities,  resulting in failure to meet the needs of working mothers in terms of extent, content and quality of
services. Crèche and Daycare Services are not only required by working mothers
but also women belonging to poor families, who require support and relief from
child care as they struggle to cope with burden of activities, within and outside the
home. Effective day care for young children is essential and a cost effective
investment as it provides support to both the mothers and young children. It is
also a protection measure as it addresses issues such as child labour, school
drop outs , child prostitution, out reach for medical and health programme female
literacy etc.

Mera Parivar Creche  there are more than 8 children stay during 8 hours and some stay during their ward take vocation training at Mera Parivar Centre.

There is an urgent need for improved quality and reach of
child day care services for working women among all socio-economic groups in
both in the organized and un-organised sectors.

Anil Landge