Monday, 30 December 2013

little Angle Jahanavee get wing to fly

Every year, 35,000 babies in India are born with clefts. More than 50% of them do not receive any treatment because they do not know a cleft can be fully corrected – and totally free, or are too poor to travel to a hospital. By one estimate there are over 10 lakh cases of untreated clefts in India.
A cleft occurs when certain midline soft tissues do not fuse together during the development of the fetus. Clefts can involve the lip, the roof of the mouth, and the soft tissue in the back of the mouth.

Today we have one little girl Jahanve age 11 month come to us asking for CLEFT LIP SURGERY father name Amar age  28 years from Odisha work as daily wages  and mother Sabita 22 years old  blessed with their first baby girl but this problem cause them lot of frustration at home by relative, this young couple knock door to door of all Govt hospitals but many gave them long date even AIIMS gave long pending but as they approach to Mera Parivar and we guided them to free charity for operation for these special cases. little angle Jahanavee  get her surgery next week.
Jahanavee going to celebrate with normal life with their family and relative again .

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Anil Landge - Mera Parivar    

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Season Greetings

Merry Christmas & New Year 2014...

"How you would cerebrate this Christmas"

Millions of Children around the  world face Christmas and life without their basic need they are underprivileged Children:Poverty,abuse,disease no education  just a few of things little ones endure.
This is their really as new Year approaches.

Hope for Children 

There is one  who will not forsake, forget or abandon. He promise to Love, defend to hear their cry to provide mercy and grace.

 He is almighty, and He invite you and I to join Him in this cause    
In 2013 Mera Parivar help over 1100 Children directly or indirectly and 650 families as we partners with many of you as individuals, NGOs and corporates.

But there are more to be done 
there are kids yet to be reach
together we can do more 

Will you help Mera Parivar to empower even more vulnerable Children and families.

Bank : Axis Bank
Account Number 910010007505280

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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Invisible need of Children -

Do you see what i see. A child need a pair of shoe.
So many people in different part of  world walk ground barefoot, not by choice, but because they lack the resource to put shoes on their feet.
Today we thanks to our partners and Crocs company donated 200 pair of shoes to Children at Mera Parivar  

I challenge our reader to see what we saw. As you read and look this post what really you want to say .....your action... your attitude.....

Does this post touches you.

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Mera Parivar

Saturday, 7 December 2013

CSR Officer

Mera Parivar Need Officer- Corporate Social Responsibility
Reporting to:
Director - Business Responsibility
Delhi & Gurgaon
Graduate/Post graduate in Social Work/ Social Sciences /Development or related field
1-2 years’ work experience in Development sector/Pvt sector with exposure to CSR programs
Skills / Knowledge
  • Good communication skills in English – written and verbal
  • Proficiency in computers
  • Strong communication and presentation skills along with the ability to actively interact and communicate with stakeholders
  • Ability to establish and meet deadlines
  • Be a quick learner
  • Ability to work independently with less supervision
  • Knowledge and expertise in Inclusion practices and interventions and current trends
  • Ability to build and maintain relationships and partnerships with outside organizations and with senior executives
Key Responsibilities
  • Implementing the annual work-plan for Mera Parivar
  • Promote this vision and accomplishments before internal and external audiences
  • Develop partnership with key stakeholders in this space to achieve the desired impact of the program
  • Monitor and communicate key trends and practices in accessibility/disability/inclusion
  • 15000/ plus other benefits (salary not constrain for right candidate)
 Contact : Mera Parivar