Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Livelihood Opportunity

Rajendra, a  widower sells Paan ( betel nut) nearby the main road for his living. He has been doing his job for more than 20 years now. He lives with his three sons, who were all still in the Government school in Rajiv Nagar.

Mera Parivar thinking more logistic way to help better children future

 Dev , a 40 year old cobbler has been doing hid job on the roadside of Rajiv Nagar main road for over 40 years now. He came as a young boy from Bihar, later got married and settled here. He has a wife Gauri, 3 sons, Sagar , Shuba and Raj and one daughter, Karen. All his children went to school in the Government school. The eldest, Sagar who is 18 years old now is employed in a factory nearby. 

Mera Parivar offering a livelihood opportunity to Dev family for better future of children

Your Partnership will provide sustainability opportunity to these families

Mera Parivar


Sunday, 17 November 2013

Winter clotes for children & families

We are happy to inform you all that Mera Parivar is carrying our work is going on well. Children at the informal education, learning and improving their knowledge. Our women at the income generations programmes are keeping up with their skills and making progress.
With the Winter setting in, we at Mera Parivar learnt that families living in and around the Rajiv Nagar Vicinity, parents of our Children , families associated with us have a hard time bearing the cold winter every year. We learn that these families have urgent  need for warm clothes and warm blankets to survive the cold winter.
We would like to inform you that out of every 50 house we randomly surveyed , we found that only 10 families have enough blankets and warm clothes.  
In this situation , we appeal to you all for whatever support and contribution in whatever way possible to keep these families warm during the winter. 

Your partnership  keeps Children safe and warm during winter time.
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 Mera Parivar