Monday, 10 September 2012

Diwali Card save life of Children

Mera Parivar Hand made greetings for Diwali is under process we would like corporate house to avail these wonderful product made by community women and painting by children, cards are priceless but as for selling price of each card is Rs50  
Mera Parivar started initiative to work on hand-made paper unit was built on the back of a simple premise – Wealth from Waste. We decided to recycle waste paper, cut boards and other stationery waste from all our estate offices. We ventured further and decided the paper we create will only use natural additives found around Rajeev Nagar Gurgaon Haryana  and pasted paper is also done in hand-made paper.
Hand made paper in process

Living up to our motto of “Transforming the lives of people” these enthusiastic of women specially Elbow from Spain volunteer along with Indian women Asha  have proved that with hard work anything is possible Eco -free, biodegradable innovative products being routinely produced from basic hand-made paper. The unit hopes to experiment and introduce new methods and products to expand the marketing possibilities. The enthusiasm and interest that these self reliance women project demonstrate makes one feel “enthusiasm is a sign of spiritual health and imperfections are what make you beautiful”.
Anil Landge 
Executive Director 
Mera Parivar

Monday, 3 September 2012

Technology Empower women fight against gender violence

Piyush Luthra and Gaurav Agrawal came from IIT Delhi along with Gurgaon Ki Awaj radio to do some interview to see how new technology  / gadget can empower women  about 20 women gave their feedback from Mera Parivar 

The technology  has provided a neutral, open space for people to express themselves. Women are empowered by access to information and the anonymity granted by the technology / mobile phone.?
This is under process to develop on line free counseling for women, Were we upload all the information we possibly can and let others know that it is there. If someone is running a programme in a remote area
“We are exploring new avenues via the mobile phone  , such as counseling online, support groups made up of women with similar backgrounds, and discussions over hotlines
Let’s see how technology helped women fight against gender violence once women are able to understand and identify that what has happened to them is not acceptable, they come forward to ask for help.

Anil Landge
Executive Director, Mera Parivar