Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Sound health for their volunteers

Mera Parivar believe sound health for their volunteers 

What about Hygiene?
Mera Parivar always try our best to ensure that the food and water during training center is safe and clean.

What about medication?
Mera Parivar program location has several national and international level hospitals, nursing homes and health clinics available.

What vaccinations should I consider having prior to arrival?
This depends on which country you are traveling from. You should always consult your doctor before purchasing any medication, as some may not be necessary. In addition, depending on where you are from, you may have already had some of the required vaccinations as a child. We suggest that you consult a travel doctor at your country before you leave. However, you should consider the following vaccinations:
Hepatitis A & B
Yellow fever

During stay Mera Parivar strongly recommend mosquito net in night 

Immediate help and orientation is available for volunteers English, Spanish, French language
Anil Landge
Mera Parivar