Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Creat Joy and happines this Christmas

I do not play around streets I go to school.
These three girl goes to school because of your partnership

Mera Parivar is an NGO working to improve the lives of underprivileged Children like Manju, their families and communities through an approach which put children at the center of community. We have been working with our partners to help children access their right to proper health care, basic education, healthy enviorment, protecton from abuse & exploitation and praticipation in decisions that affect their life. we encourage children to express their  view and be actively involve in improving their communities, Mera Parivar has touch the lives of many thousand children in Gurgaon.
To make a difference in the lives of Manju.Yo
Your partnership is need

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Rev Anil Landge 
Mera Parivar 

Friday, 25 November 2011

ID Project

Mera Parivar create awareness amongst their staff and neighborhood to have all legal documentation to avail Government facility.i.e ration card today there were more than 20 women attended talk presented by Gaurav about ID card and ration card. 

A document issued under an order or authority of the State Government, as per the Public Distribution System, for the purchase of essential commodities from fair price shops.

It has also become an important tool of identification. It can furthermore be used as proof of identification when applying for other documents like Domicile Certificate, for inclusion of name in the Electoral Rolls, etc.


Teacher orientation

Teacher meeting was held on 25 November there were 7 teacher along with Reena , Neus, Martha, Luz Spanish teacher bring her 30+ experience to teach Mera Parivar Education staff how to improve informal education for children and develop second level relationship where children learn while having fun.

  • ·         Our focus how to create more interest amongst children
  • ·         More visual aids
  • ·         More practical
  • ·         Brain storm exercises    
Mera Parivar believe Children   these informal education will be road map for their life time 

Anil Landge

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Thanks giving Day

Mera Parivar Celebrates Thanks giving Day with 145 Children today
your partnership makes difference

Rev Anil Landge
Mera Parivar & Team