Monday, 31 August 2015

Children lives in hazardous condition

 Adesh is studying enrolled in Mera Parivar education centre . He is 5 years old, a bright and intelligent student.  His father is a vendor sell vegetable at road side and local market and mother a home- maker. A year before, while he was playing in their house their gas cylinder exploded and he seriously got burnt.Children lives in hazardous condition
Now Adesh is completely alright but there are lots of burnt marks on his body. He is a happy boy. He loves going to school and making friends. He also enjoys studying and there is a great hope that he will have a bright future.

Your  support to Adesh has provided 
fast healing he was fortunate to get treatment on time.
This was possible only because of your partnership 

You makes difference to lives of Children  

Mera Parivar

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Need IT Specialist Volunteers

Need IT Specialist Volunteers; Mera Parivar NGO

Mera Parivar  Welcome people from all walks of life. All you need is a passion to teach Ability to motivate students to ask questions, interact, get engaged The desire to listen rather than talk!

Volunteering with youth on Saturdays and Sundays

Teaching communication skills              

Conducting mock interviews
Helping them master grammatical structures
Helping with reading practice
Helping them with computer skills.

Areas where you could volunteer;   
Volunteering with Children on Saturday and Sunday  

Tutoring children
Teaching children to read      
Helping out in our reading club
Teaching maths, science or English
Using drama as a language tool
Teaching a skill such as art, craft, yoga or sports.
IT specialist for helping Government school children to learn and improve English speaking by latest technology IPad and Computers

Volunteering as an Administrator

Helping Web site updating Face Book, Twitter, Blog
Helping with organising and managing workshops on a short-term basis.

Contact us:
Mera Parivar

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Urgent Need 300 soap and 300 toothpaste and 300 brush for Children

Importance of Good Hygiene in Children
Mera Parivar teach  personal hygiene every month to Children , which will stay with them for life. Educating children on good hygiene is the best way to avoid the spread of infection and disorders and not just for childhood complaints; teaching the principles of correct hygiene at an early age can help keep individuals healthy in later life, and be taught to future generations. Principles of hygiene should be made part of everyday life and the best way for parents to teach their children about good hygiene is to lead by example. 

The incidence of illness relating to areas of personal hygiene is more apparent in children as they are learning to take care of themselves and are exposed to many germs whilst in the school environment or in a play area.

Oral Hygiene

It goes without saying that the teaching of good oral hygiene is essential for the young. Their milk teeth are likely to fall out and they must know how to prevent this happening to their adult teeth. Along with brushing technique, the importance of dietary influences should be explained and alternatives to sweets, biscuits and fizzy drinks should be made available.

Hand Washing

Hand-washing is the single most important factor relating to the spread of infection, not just for children but for adults of all ages.
Mera Parivar care giver  encourage children  to wash their hands before eating, after using the toilet, after handling animals, if they are ill or if they are spending time with a newborn.
Washing is essential to avoid developing threadworms which cause itching around the anus and genitals, and are contracted from poor toilet hygiene or from animals. When a child is ready to go to school or nursery, they are expected to be able to use the toilet themselves and wash their own hands;

Mera Parivar 
Urgent Need  300 soap and 300 toothpaste and 300 brush for Children 
Contact ;9313037887