Monday, 1 June 2015

Youth Project Impact stories

Elizabeth Manngaihmawii Tonsing is 25 years old. She lives with her parents and nine siblings they in Imphal Manipur. Elizabeth has completed twelve standards in the year of 2007, though she wanted to continue her studies, her parents were not able to support all their children’s education. Elizabeth started searching for job but she was not able to get, so she started to sell clothes and get little income from their home in Manipur. She understood the family condition and work hard to support her younger siblings. After hearing that, there is opportunity  that Mera Parivar can help find Hotel Industry training course for six month without any expenses, she decided to came to Gurgaon and joint the trainings, she was selected in Westin, Gurgaon, her training is going to start on July. Meanwhile, she did not have any place to stay. So, she came to Mera Parivar office and help some of the works. She stays in one of the staff’s house in New Delhi because she did not have anywhere else to go. She came down because she was promised to provide free accommodation and food. She is thrill to join the training. She thanks Mera Parivar for doing placement for young people and helping her in times of her needs. Even while waiting for the training.

Mr. S.Laldawana is 22 years old, he is active, smart and work oriented person. He is also a very responsible person and wanted to develop his career within the framework, where he could contribute and be able to contribute to the needs. He has completed his 12th class. Due to financial problems he decided to look for job and came to New Delhi, He now live in Uttam Nagar. While he was looking for the opportunity, he came across to the Mera Parivar regarding the Hotel Industry Trainings partnership with five star hotel in Gurgaon . So, he decided to come for interview and if selected joint the course. As he came, he was selected to do his training in Oberoi Hotel and has began in the month of May. He is thankful that he could get this opportunity to be train and be able to start building his career in the Hotel Industry.

Miss Chonmichan is 25 years old, who is sincere, innocent, supportive and determine. She has been dreaming to develop her career, where she can contribute and get stable income to support her family and self. She completed her 12th class and could not continue her studies due to financial crisis in her family. So, she decided to come out from home and get job in the city and she came to Delhi looking for job. It was difficult for her to get proper job and she struggles for many years. Finally, she came to know through her friend about the Hotel Management Training by Mera Parivar and  five star hotel partnership . She joint the training in Oberoi Hotel  from the month of May.  She is looking for better future and willing to try her best to accomplish the training. Believing that she can be a helpful person and dependable for her family. She feels privilege joining this training and be thankful to Mera Parivar for organizing placement for youth which also includes me and help me get the opportunity to finally get into this training.

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