Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Celebrate life with family

Mera Parivar role  model  a touching story of one of their staff members Sunita, who got married in 2013 had a severe health related problems after she gave birth to a baby boy. As her condition grew worst , which was due to the negligence of the hospitals,  Sunita’s in – laws sent her back to her paternal home. Since then her in laws never took care of her, nor her husband did not help nor check on her condition.  
Mera Parivar once again took Sunita into their care 2015. With the facilitation and dedication to fight for justice for Sunita, Mera Parivar empowered her to take the matter to the court of Mahila Mandal ( Traditional women’s Court) and the case is in progress. Mera Parivar, believes and is committed to bring new life and a new beginning for Sunita.
Sunita says be a  part of the struggle for justice and equality re affirm the commitment and dedication to strive to support each other and stand in solidarity to fight for equal opportunity for women in socio – economic and political process of the country.
Today Sunita celebrate life with Sunita who lives happily with family and role model of society   

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Sponsor a child today & make a world of difference

This academic year  Mera Parivar target to sponsor new 80 Children for their higher studies to various public school  and we  are looking prospective sponsor  to join with us immediately ….

Sponsorship is a special kind of giving that creates a relationship between you and the community in which Mera Parivar the Children is helping to create real and lasting change. It provides more than the satisfaction that comes with aid for improving the health and well-being of children; it delivers a special opportunity to witness young lives lifted over time. Through child sponsorship, two lives are changed forever: yours and the life of your sponsored child

Take time to Sponsor a child today & make a world of difference.

When you sponsor a Child 

  • Picture and story of child
  • Your sponsor child progress report
  • Quarterly news letter what difference you are making in community
  • Meaningful relationship with a child you sponsor, chance to write a letter and children can reply your  

Mera Parivar carries out this through your generosity of donation and partnership
India Bank: Axis Bank
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 910010007505280

(Overseas donor can contact by email)

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