Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Mera Parivar reaching out 35 School in Gurgaon

Mera Parivar reaching out 35 School in Gurgaon  

Peers are persons who belong to the same age group and social cultural background. In addition to promoting healthy behaviours, we can build local capacity by training peer educators in effective communication and participatory approaches. Even after the end of a emergency communication initiative, these individuals can  continue to pass on messages through casual conversations with
friends, family members and their wider peer group.

Mera Parivar finding points to consider in tapping peer educators in an emergency in school programme :

1.     They can be easily organised in emergencies but you must invest in training which takes time.

2.     They need supportive supervision.

3.     Affected individuals can both give and receive information. Does not need to be costly

4.     If planned and supported well, can be an effective way to motivate people.

5.     Affected people may not have a lot of time in an emergency to participate in meetings.

6.     Sharing personal information may not be culturally acceptable in some affected communities and will require time to establish trust.

7.     Messages spread via word-of-mouth may diminish message accuracy.

Mera Parivar