Friday, 30 September 2011

LIC Jeen Madhur- LIC Jeevan Mangal for people leaving below poverty line

LIC Micro Insurance Product-LIC Jeevan Madhur-LIC Jeevan Mangal


 Mera Parivar endeavor for people community oriented to empower and help them to realize their priorities for life and family benefit that are available for them at various sector

Secure Life in Rs.25/- per week with LIC Micro Insurance Product

After a finance research result that was shows that 60 percent of the Indian population still resides in rural area. LIC decide to work on a special insurance product for rural area, and low income sections of society . And these products are  sold only by Self Help Group (SHG) and Mera Parivar

Mera Parivar join Hand with LIC- India  to help BPL community to secure their life Mr G.S Meena Dy. General Manager  LIC India came and talk to women  about Micro Policy LIC benefit Mera Parivar  hope to Insurance of 1000 people in three months.

Mera Parivar believes and secure life of people leaving below poverty line and their family with the help of LIC India

Anil Landge
Executive Director  

Monday, 19 September 2011

Shoe-shine, Sahib.

Morning nine o'clock. The young boy Name Sunny 16 years, thin and tall, lumbered up the steps of the many- storied mansion. He stopped at office floor to survey the doors of all the rooms. The shirt he wore was tattered and his skin showed through it. The pockets of his dirty shorts bulged with the weight of something in them.
Sunny at work
The boy stood staring at it a long time every who pass from street . Finally, moving a few yards away and sitting down on the floor, he kept an eye on it.

People were going to office apartment. The boy studied each thoroughly. Some stop and ask for polish of their shoe. The boy sprang up, pulled out two tins of boot polish from his hand made wooden stand  and a brush from the other and intercepting the man said, "Shoe-shine, Sahib."

Sunny went to school for his third grade and then bad company of friend made his life more miserable after kick out from home Sunny wanted to earn for leaving and identify shoe shine job easy to get money morning 8am to 11 am time and rest of time he learning and work with auto riksha to get more money daily earning is about 150-250 . Sunny very serious his life and want to earn more money with hard work and dignity rather than begging and doing illicit practices for money.
   Let’s encourage sunny like boys in community. 

Anil Landge

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Free tution to Underprivledge Children

Happy moment of Children
Mera Parivar Initiative is conducting free tuition classes for underprivileged children in Rajiv Nagar Gurgaon. Healthy nutritional food is also provided to these children who are drop outs from primary school. 
This academic year Mera Parivar sponsored 34 children to various public school from grade 1st to 9th standard, children can avail scholarship as long as they continue their studies.
Your partnership makes a difference.

Anil Landge     

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Empower people to living a happy and fulfilled life

Certificat distribution
We are proud to be one of beauty training centre at Rajeev Nagar Gurgaon . Mera Parivar offer a creative and modern learning atmosphere in motto and practice. Excellent career opportunities at Mera Parivar  for the best students who excel in their study. Some of our women  who have prior experience and want to start their own Parlor  Mera Parivar provide/ help loan on micro credit .

Jewellery making

Jewellary product
Simple and practical techniques in jewellery such as piercing, filing, soldering, simple fittings and finishes will be taught, with an emphasis on developing confidence and realising the potential for making jewellery with limited access to equipment and skills. The aim is for poor women to produce some finished work. And  become self reliance.
Inspirational and motivational quotes hand-selected especially to empower people to living a happy and fulfilled life
 We create opportunities for gemstone and jewellery industry businesses, from small to large, and give them a platform to develop their brands and product lines, so that they can be more competitive in the markets they works.

Anil Landge
Executive Director

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Empower women socially and economically

Women around  and particularly in Rajiv Nagar Gurgaon have been exposed to social and economic vulnerability due to inherited social cultural and detribalization of the economy. This situation has called upon women to form /organize groups, which will enable them to get away with social economic vulnerability. Women vulnerability is directly related to poverty. In order to eradicate poverty, Mera Parivar analyze its root causes and ways to tackle the problem is of great importance.

Mera Parivar  Women Group is a locally, which is working towards poverty reduction in the community with specific focus to vulnerable group of women and children. In order to meet it's over all goal, the organization has to develop a long-term plan, which will guide the organization to achieve its goal. Mera Parivar  Woman Group, as a locally working in Rajiv Nagar Gurgaon is engaged in vocational skills training to the girls, out of school as a strategy to alleviate poverty in Rajiv Nagar  among women and community at large.

In the process of needs assessment and identification, the involvement of community as beneficiaries was taken into consideration as well as community leaders and stakeholders available in the areas.
It is anticipated that, the project is going to empower women socially and economically since it has an aspect of income generating activities, which will enhance their economical well being as well as increasing women empowerment in resource ownership, and reduce women discrimination.

Anil Landge

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Mera Parivar join hand with PHC to eradication of Polio at locally

The National Polio Surveillance Project  (NPSP) at the national level assists in planning and implementing 
polio immunization activities aimed at eliminating polio from India.
The Centre decides the general policy framework for polio immunization while the States follow their own models to fight the disease, as health is a State subject in the Indian Constitution. Besides the government, a number of national and international agencies are engaged in the process of eradicating polio globally Mera Parivar join hand with Local PHC to eradicate polio in Rajeev Nagar Gurgaon Haryana . 

Rev Anil Landge 
Executive Director
Mera Parivar