Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Malnutrition limits development and the capacity to learn

Malnutrition in children is not affected by food intake alone; it is also influenced by access to health services, quality of care for the child and pregnant mother as well as good hygiene practices.
Girls are more at risk of malnutrition than boys because of their lower social status.
1 in 3 of the world's malnourished children lives in India
Malnutrition in early childhood has serious, long-term consequences because it impedes motor, sensory, cognitive, social and emotional development. Malnourished children are less likely to perform well in school and more likely to grow into malnourished adults, at greater risk of disease and early death. Around one-third of all adult women are underweight. Inadequate care of women and girls, especially during pregnancy, results in low- birthweight babies. Nearly 30 per cent of all newborns have a low birthweight, making them vulnerable to further malnutrition and disease.

Mera Parivar proud to say that we have all children healthy,
There were few malnourished children when they enrolled to us regular feeding rich mid day meal all of them are doing good. 
Mera Parivar Commitment to reduce malnutrition and low birthweight through national and state level policies

Anil Landge
Executive Director -Mera Parivar 

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Rehabilitaion centre for Children behaviour Change

Dear Privilege community

Can you believe?
We were living in poor dirty surroundings. There are million other children who are still surviving in  the garbage searching for a loaf of bread to  appease there hunger.
Do you know?
As a girl child I am victimized, molested and even rape by exploiting people in the society even more venerable today!!!
Do I own my individuality?
I am Total stranger, You try to walk away from me. Street is my only home and only hope, as I have nowhere else to  lay my head upon.
Will you accept me………………….!!!!!!
Who am I?
Do you wish to know me? I am like every way. Destiny and misfortune draws me to this situation. I live in the pathetic and unnoticed.
My work.
Some time I beg, scour dustbins, work as Child labour, when the opportunity arises I indulge in anti-social activities.
Thanks to Mera Parivar who gives second chance to lives and gives us love, care and hope a place where we could meet our creator and enjoyed being a girl Child.
You can help us
Financial support for rehabilitation and education programs
Support for food, clothes and medical expanse.

 Mera Parivar carries out this through your generosity of donation and partnership

India Bank: Axis Bank
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 910010007505280

Postal address Mera Parivar
  # 267 SECTOR 14 GURGAON -122001
(all donation are tax exemption under section 80 G)

Rev Anil Landge
Executive Director