Sunday, 23 December 2012

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2013

2012 has been quite a year, thanks to the unwavering support and dedication of people like you.

We broke ground on Rajiv Nagar  Gurgaon India . We have supported 175  Children directly for education, mid Day meal, free tuition . More than 120 women empowered, 

 55 job have  created in NCR Delhi, we've used  our Government of India various schemes more visible to local community i.e Ladli yojana , old age pension many are taking keen interest  in it.
All of these things are making the world a better place, and all of them have been accomplished because of supporters like you. Thank you!

In the coming year, I hope you'll continue to share your gifts when and where you can, to give new hope to those who need it, and to foster positive change in your own backyard and in regions around the world.

I wish you and your family a healthy and  Happy Christmas , and all the best in the coming new year-2013 

Rev Anil Landge
Executive Director –Mera Parivar

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Gifts that bring joy and happines

As winter start slum dwellers Children looks for warm clothes Mera Parivar believes healthy Children of these families and gives them sweaters and blankets to poor family, this time Mera Parivar have identify 50 families who need winter clothes we are looking your partnership to make them feel some one loves and care. 

You could be one of them make happy and protect whole family from winter.So please do not throw your clothes as waste material or kindly do not exchange your clothes just to get some utensils because this little gift of you can make a lot of people smiling and happy. By doing so you can be a benefactor and you can enjoy the joy of giving and can feel the smile on other’s faces

These precious and valuable gifts of you cost you nothing but in turn give you contentment, peace and the feeling of being a great benefactor so please do support us in our effort and make our endeavor successful for the sake of humanity.

Contact for Donation:

Mera Parivar
0124-4111787 9am-5 pm

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Job will improve family income

We glad to share our vocational Training center report of computer class 26 students enrolled for basic course 16 students have successful completed their course, with A and B grade 5 students get job after their basic computer training.
Anil Kumar drop out join us computer class four months back he very poor father does iron at road side lives in very small house with three sister and one younger brother along with father and mother. Anil got job in hospital he believes that  present job will improve the family income.

Mera Parivar

Friday, 16 November 2012

Beauty course certificate

Mera Parivar beauty training course develop student to improve their technical skill with modern equipment in Hairdressing and beauty culture in Rajiv Nagar -Gurgaon are noted below

·         To provide information on carrier
·         To provide choice of routs for development
·         To enhance customer service
·         To progress and develop small business  
Today 12 young girl have completed their beauty course

Anil Landge 

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Sound health for their volunteers

Mera Parivar believe sound health for their volunteers 

What about Hygiene?
Mera Parivar always try our best to ensure that the food and water during training center is safe and clean.

What about medication?
Mera Parivar program location has several national and international level hospitals, nursing homes and health clinics available.

What vaccinations should I consider having prior to arrival?
This depends on which country you are traveling from. You should always consult your doctor before purchasing any medication, as some may not be necessary. In addition, depending on where you are from, you may have already had some of the required vaccinations as a child. We suggest that you consult a travel doctor at your country before you leave. However, you should consider the following vaccinations:
Hepatitis A & B
Yellow fever

During stay Mera Parivar strongly recommend mosquito net in night 

Immediate help and orientation is available for volunteers English, Spanish, French language
Anil Landge
Mera Parivar