Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Empowering underprivledge Youth

Nutan is a 21 years old girl who lives in Rajiv Nagar Gurgaon with her parents and siblings. She has two brothers and two sisters. Her father works as a Supervisor in Sports Company. The family came from a small village of Uttar Pradesh, and has been living in Gurgaon for 15 years. However, Nutan came to Gurgaon only one year back, because her parents left her behind in the village to nurse her aging grandparents.
Nutan completed her 12th standard in their village and was unable to pursue her further studies for her parents are not at all aware of girl child education. They have the wrong opinion that the sole responsibility of woman is to confine at home and do all the household activities. It is also the traditional practice in illiterate Indian family which is against the norms of women welfare. As such, Nutan was left without any choice, so she discontinued her studies and stays at home, obeying her parents. What a pity!
Nutan is a very active girl, and she wants to accomplish her dreams. She prefers to go out of the four corners of the wall and do something else to uplift their family social-economic statues. She has been looking for ways and means. To her fortune, she came to learn about Mera parivar through her neighbor.  After a long persuasion, Nutan’s parent permitted her to go for training in Mera  Parivar center.  She got herself enrolled in the beauty parlor training stream, and attends the class regularly. She gets her hands in the course and fares very well day by day. She quotes that Meraparivar is quite a right place to accomplish her dreams. She is planning to open a beauty parlor of her own after she has completed her training.

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