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Healthy Children community

    The Government of India, on 24.2.2009, has issued revised guidelines on nutritional and feeding norms.  States/UTs have been requested to provide supplementary nutrition to children below six years of age and pregnant and lactating mothers, in accordance with the guidelines which have been endorsed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court vide its Order dated 22.4.2009.
      Children in the age group of 6 months to 3 years:  Food supplement of 500 calories of energy and 12-15 gms. of Protein per child per day as Take Home Ration (THR) in the form of Micro nutrient Fortified Food and/or energy-dense food marked as ‘ICDS Food Supplement’.

 Children in the age group of 3-6 years:  Food supplement of 500 calories of energy and 12-15 gms of Protein per child per day.  Since a child of this age group is not capable of consuming of meal of 500 calories in one sitting, the guidelines prescribed provision of morning snack in the form of milk/banana/seasonal fruits/Micro nutrient Fortified Food etc. and a Hot Cooked Meal.
    Severely underweight children:  Food supplement of 800 calories of energy and 20-25 gms of Protein per child per day in the form of Micro nutrient fortified and/or energy dense food as Take Home Ration.

    Mera Parivar is feeding every day 190 meal to Children hot cook food at centre yearly we serve 49400 meal to Children on 260 working day.we would  encourage  you to sponsor meal as per your wish.

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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The Verge Of Hearing ((The Story of Vijay Pal)

       Your help can give this Child new hope to do his school work
Vijay Pal, is a 2nd standard student. He is the second son of Suman, who is working as a house keeping in Mera Parivar NGO, Gurgaon. Her husband work in a company as a servant, cleaning the areas and serving the workers, he earned Rs.7000/- per month. Vijay family are originally from Lucknow. Ten years ago they moved to Gurgaon hoping to get better livelihood. Vijay’s parents were illiterate and uncivilized. So, for them it is impossible to get high paid job, so they struggles in many ways. They live in a small rented room which cost most of the father’s income. They also didn’t have much knowledge about healthy living as well as their income didn’t support which is beyond their efforts.
When Vijay was one year old, he happened to face uncertain situation. The seed of the fruit entered into his ear. About 6months they haven’t got any check up and were not take it seriously. However, the time goes by and Vijay’s ear became worse. His parents took him to hospital several times. Doctors advised his parents to undergo surgery. Vijay’s parents were spending enough of their income in medication though it is very limited. They understood the advised that was given by the Doctors, they are worried and helpless. Doctors also advised his mother that she need to be careful while bathing her son, entering water in his ear can cause serious problems, even to damage his brain and hearing. Vijay is at the verge of his hearing problem and malfunction of his brain. He doesn’t give up his studies no matter what the circumstances, he continues to go to school and persistent to become someone successful in life.
Vijay’s parents do their best helping their child, after taking X-ray Doctor also diagnose that his ear drum has already damaged, he informed his parents that the only possible way to sustain Vijay’s normal life is to undergo operation. However, for Vijay’s parents, it seems like they are facing the wall or giant problems which they would never overcome. Vijay’s mother is mourn in helpless and hopeless, thinking that their family income will never buy them healing. They wanted to do operation, however, they did not know anywhere else to turn but Mera Parivar NGO. So they brought their concern to the canter. Hearing and knowing Mera Parivar NGO took initiative in sharing their struggles and bearing their burden with them. Mera Parivar hopes that Vijay could be safe and restore before it is too late. To regain all the strength, to bring him back from the edge of hearing and help him fulfil all the purpose in his life. So, here is the opportunity to be part of Vijay’s life story. Here is the chance to be one of the resources for transformation to the boy and his family. We aim
We never know what Vijay could become in the future. We never understand how our small gift can mean so much to people who are in need. We may think this life is full of good things and wants or unending desires. See, there are people who strive to get their daily needs, living hand to mouth. Well! There are more looking for a place where the moonlight didn’t pass through their silver shining in the midnight or where just a drop of rain could be avoid. While there are chances, make the most of it, this chance may never wind back to you in time when you need most.
Be a builder, an encourager and a source of transformation to someone or to the community, let people speaks of your goodness and rhymes like you never know. 

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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Help us to reduce drop out from School

Mera Parivar affirm for Children education

      Quarterly meetings with Primary and Secondary School´s directors
   The school absence rates have been reduced in a 15%; a 10% in girls and a 5% in  boys that attend Mera Parivar´s reinforcement lessons.
    The school dropout rates have been reduced in a 15%; a 10% in girls and a 5% in  boys that attend Mera Parivar´s reinforcement lessons.
      Participant student´s academic results have improved in a 80%.
     100% of the students that attend Mera Parivar´s reinforcement lessons pass the grade.
     At least, 4 concrete measures are taken to inform and aware the families.
Several achievements in the different interventions with families at risk of children´s school dropout or with a abandonment situation 

Your Partnership makes difference in lives of Children .

Help us reduce drop out rate of Children from school 

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Monday, 31 August 2015

Children lives in hazardous condition

 Adesh is studying enrolled in Mera Parivar education centre . He is 5 years old, a bright and intelligent student.  His father is a vendor sell vegetable at road side and local market and mother a home- maker. A year before, while he was playing in their house their gas cylinder exploded and he seriously got burnt.Children lives in hazardous condition
Now Adesh is completely alright but there are lots of burnt marks on his body. He is a happy boy. He loves going to school and making friends. He also enjoys studying and there is a great hope that he will have a bright future.

Your  support to Adesh has provided 
fast healing he was fortunate to get treatment on time.
This was possible only because of your partnership 

You makes difference to lives of Children  

Mera Parivar