Friday, 28 July 2017

Mera Parivar Medical EYE REPORT.

 Vision is the basis for learning
( Eye Check UP at Mera Parivar )

A total of 159 patients were screened. (152 children + 7 adults).

From the 159 patients screened, 3 patients (1,9%) required optical correction.

152 children were screened (95,6%), aged between 3 to 12 years of age, all had normal values of ametropias for their range of age, except one of them (0,7%), that required optical correction for myopia between -0.75D to -1.25D, values tested under cycloplegia.

One child (0,7%) had atrophy of optic nerve, so that was referred to the ophthalmologist  for checking up.

Two chidren had congenital nistagmus, with good visual acuity.

7 adults were screened, aged between 40 to 55 years, 28.6%

(2 patients) required optical correction for presbyopia and all of them received basic information on visual hygiene.

Only 0,7% of children screened has uncorrective refractive errors. This amount is lower than expected. However, without the appropriate correction, children are facing great educational, social and occupational barriers. Lack from early eye care interventions reduced school performance.

Working in disadvantaged populations helps to reduce the number of people with blindness. This will help the development of the community, especially in the youngest population. In this way we help the development of communities starting with children. From now on, they can get a better vision that will be a great change in their lives, allowing them to deal with their studies and develop work in an effective way.

"Vision is the basis for learning. Staying blind, means depending on others”.


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